Iran Markaz Group – IM Group, with its affiliated, and subsidiaries companies, offices, agencies, and branches worldwide with more than two decades of successful and effective experiences in Tourism Industry, always being a role-model, pioneer, as a supporter in many national and international exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and workshops has devoted its all concerns, capabilities, and considerations to promote, assist, and support valuable Tourism Industry based on Humanitarian and Environmental aspects, significance, and values.

      A Brief Glance:

  • 1- First conference organizer in Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Poland, and Bulgaria
  • 2- Tourism conference organizer in Riyadh and Jeddah
  • 3- Tourism conference organizer  for Iran and Croatia
  • 4- Launching flights operator to Egypt and Indonesia
  • 5- Joint tourism conference organizer for Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey
  • 6- Organizer of a conference among African countries centralized in Kenya
  • 7- Organizer of Tourism Industry exhibition in India
  • 8- Operator of charter flights to The Balkans, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, and etc.
  • 9- Managing and operating the Saudi Arabian tourists to Iran
  • 10- The first official CZ – Chinese Airline Agent
  • 11- Organizer of tourism conference in Nin Xi’an, China
  • 12- Organizer of tourism conference in Shanghai, China