Cultural and Religious Attractions

Undoubtedly, Iran is a cradle of culture, Persian Poetry, rich Literature, Handicrafts such as Khatam-Kari (inlaid ), Wood carving, Mosaic work,  Pottery, Painting of art mostly done on copper, gold, silver , carpet, Gillim, and Gabbeh, Visual arts, Folk classical Iranian music styles. Whereas, everything is going to be delivered, served, and exposed with the exemplary kind hospitality of Iranians, warm and cordial receptions, the variety of local and traditional Iranian foods in over 9,000 national, religious, and historical mega cities ,cities ,towns ,and villages. It is to note that, since Iran has always been diligent for developing and promoting the cultural and religious Tourism Industry; therefore, hundreds of various museums, cultural, and educational places, natural parks, mosques, churches, synagogues, religious buildings, and shrines of various religions have been built and manipulated so far.

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