Stand Building:

Iran Mall Exhibition Center, for the first time in the country, designed and implemented a modular-decorative stand-building system (Quick Wall) with the following features:

  • Flexibility: Using the Quick-Wall system, the dimensions of the stands can be changed rapidly at lowest time depending on the theme of the exhibition and the approach of the exhibitors.
  • Technology: The Quick-Wall Modular Stand System is based on the state-of-the-art technology. Although the system is intrinsically designed modular, the decorative elements are designed and anticipated in a way that the stands are distinct from the common modular systems.
  • Power: The modular under-floor powering system is able to connect the main systems.
  • Lighting: LED mechanism is used to have the most efficient lighting.
  • Maintenance: As the stands are made modular, it is possible to replace damaged parts and maintain the expected quality.

Technical and Support units of Iran Mall Exhibition Center

The center has 16 elevators including:

  • Two VIP elevators located on the southeast side of the center for special guests
  • Ten elevators for the general public
  • Four freight elevators are on the south and west sides of the exhibition

The center also comprises 12 elevators that start from the parking site and extend to the E2 floor. Two ramps on the northern and southern sides of the exhibition are intended for the people displacing from E1 to E2 and E3.

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