Iran Mall, one of the five well-equipped   High-Tec malls in the world with a fully specialized exhibition area of 1.4 million Sq.2 , 700 shops, 20,000 Sq.2  hypermarket, fashion avenue, diamond and crystal atrium, 3 big international food courts with more than 200 restaurants, parking  lot with the capacity of 14000 parking spaces, 3,300 Sq.2 book garden with 67,000 volumes of various books, cinema complex with 12 IMAX halls in additions to a state-of-the-art, 2,000-seat amphitheater, family entertaining center with a roofed amusement park, museums, art galleries, permanent car showroom, Iranian Bazaar, 3 high class hotels including one 5-star luxury hotel with 450 rooms, 3,000-seat conference hall, a convention center, various galleries, meeting and banquet facilities, and so on . It is to note that, the roof of Iran Mall serves a sports complex with long routes for hiking, cycling, and public sport activities, which includes 15 sports’ fields, tennis courts, 12,000 Sq.2 ice rink and some luxurious swimming pools as well.

Remarkably, Iran Mall has a big and incredible facility to transfer a huge number of exhibitors, participants, and visitors to Tehran Metro network. Additionally, prompt access to Iran Mall exclusive equipped Taxi Service office, which enables ITM entities and individuals to get sheer, prompt, and ideal satisfactory services in peaceful, secure, and safe atmosphere.

Besides, better to note that, Iran Mall has been evaluated and registered by the World Institute for the Assessment of Commercial Collections, including RLI, as one of the most significant multi functional complexes in The Middle East.


Visitors can access the exhibition via Metro Line-5 (Iran Khodro Station).

Exhibition Taxi Service


Taxies specified for the exhibition

Standard, safe and fuel-efficient vehicles (taxis, shuttles) with trained drivers fluent in English, Arabic and Turkish are provided to facilitate visitors’ traffic to exhibition. Taxies and shuttle services are available in the following range:

  • Transferring the clients from the designated stations around the city to the exhibition (subway stations, attractive tourism places, etc.)
  • Transferring the clients from their houses and different positions of the town to the exhibition on-demand (by direct contact, mobile software, website, etc.)
  • Transferring the clients from the defined stations to the exhibition site for the intended purposes
  • Transferring the clients from the designated airports, railway stations, terminals and hotels to the exhibition site
  • The services are available from 9am to 12pm.


Types of taxi services in the Great Market of Iran


Taxies in specified routes are provided from the designated stations in the busy traffic areas of Tehran and Karaj to the exhibition site to serve the clients. It is possible to transfer the clients from the designated stations to the intended destinations by these taxies.

Telephone taxi

Telephone taxis are available to be dispatched to the destinations at the customer’s request. The clients can benefit the services by dialing the call center or submitting their request on the website or mobile software.

Specific taxi

Specific taxies of the Great Market of Iran are available for the clients in the airports, railway stations, passenger terminals, hotels, etc.

Taxi service for the Exhibition Center

A standard, safe and clean fuel vehicle (taxi, bus) with well-trained and fluent English, Arabic and Turkish drivers is provided to facilitate travel to the Exhibition Center .

Taxi and Shuttle bus services are provided in the following domain:

• Transferring customers from the designated stations in the city to the Exhibition Center (metro stations, main squares, etc.)
• Transferring customers from homes and towns to the Exhibition Center based on requests (direct calling, mobile software, websites, etc.)
• Transferring customers from the stations defined within the complex to the desired destination
• Transferring customers from airports, railways, terminals and hotel to the Exhibition Center