Without the shadow of doubt, one of the primary decisive intentions and objectives of ITM is to globalize, sustain, and interweave Tourism Industry entities interactively by presenting and sharing extraordinary pristine Opportunities, Capacities, Potentials, Facilities and Equipment by means of capabilities of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, Hotels, Airlines, Service Providers, Tourism Industry Manufacturers and Producers specifically in a mega and multi-cultural Capital – Tehran, notably located in Islamic Republic of Iran, surrounded by neighborhood with over 800.000.000 population by land and sea borderlines, remarkably a strategic, geopolitical, and logistic connective bridge from West to East, South to North, centralized in The Middle East as a well-famed hub. Definitely, this unique platform and distinguished capacity could cause the entities and individuals to come up with thousands of prodigious impacts and impressive profitable outcome in a very safe, secure, and friendly atmosphere distinctively adorned with Iranian well-famed warm hospitality. Besides, providers and visitors are able to utilize such chances and opportunities to have a cooperative interaction and coordination through accessing Tehran’s various live and agile business, cultural, economical, and social potentials and capacities. In addition to the aforementioned advantages and utilities, ITM is  well-prepared to give various unique services typically; Forums, Conferences, Training Workshops, Side-expos, related small Exhibitions, Face to Face Meetings and Negotiations with Iranian and Foreigner Top and Senior Authorities, One-day Tehran Tour, and so on.

All in all, ITM impatiently welcomes and is precisely prepared to celebrate any  innovative and active entities’ and visitors’ constructive participation in 20-23 of October, 2020.

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